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intro ….. this wiki page is maded to list all people who write , draw , and exclude what they are believe in , as people at or any other site too


Carlos Latuff :” Latuff ”

Heine : ” BenHeine “

Danny Hammontree : ” Digitalgarce ”

David Baldinger: “Davidbdr”..

Desert Peace:

Oliver Stone :

* web:
* extra info: (Arabic)

George Galloway :
* web:
* wikipedia page :


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Latest of My Fractals

Using Apophysis 2.05 Beta

Link at Deviant Art

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January 14, 2007 at 6:30 pm 4 comments

Fractalize 01

Using Apophysis 2.05 beta

deviant art link

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My Fractals

Using GIMP and Paint.NET

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One day to finish the exams ,

One day to finish the exams ,

The Final ones – Clinical exams of the internal Medicine – Wish me Luck –

here am back , i feel gulty cause i got alot of many inetersted stuff and didn`t publish it here , or other blogs , my medical blogs & projects in active too..

ahh i didn`t find time to write , but i always find time to design , adding my new designs at account

and wrote many short stories , Poems , many in english , i`ll publish them all here soon as i can

i re-back to use GIMP / INKSCAPE , and Got MY MAC too …………

Here is my last work it`s for Egyption stamp contest at deviant art , and i didn`t make it cause Clinical Pathology exams 😦

i`ll start adding what i found , and designed , also what i wrote 🙂

some tutorials have to be published

My Stamp for : Egyption Contest Stamp

Stamp at deviant


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December 8, 2006 at 12:16 pm 1 comment

Sorry Buddy Your Friend is a Hitman

I Wrote it for Friend Of Mine , Studying Movie stuff…

that`s an Scene is about how to die..

Sorry Buddy Your Friend is a Hitman


when you get it
you may die
when you know
your friend is a HitMan

sorry buddy ..
your friend is a HitMan
get ready .. i`ll make it easy
Yas .. Your are just Victim
am The one who do crying
am the one who sacrifice
My Sacrifice is to be your friend
my Pain is To Kill You

Please .. don`t be mad
don`t be sad
smile as you do always

i can`t do anything .. for you any more
i`ll get you roses
i`ll cry more than your wife

sorry buddy
i am a Hitman and it`s my duty to give you grave

sorry buddy
that`s how i can protect you ..
no one will kill you
no one can hurt you….
cause you will be dead before they do

forgive me …
smile for me
don`t cry ..cause i`ll kill you crying
turn around can`t look to your eyes
forgive me

Bang Bang ……Bang … Bang ………Bang ……….Bang …. Bang

sorry for all those shots ….
cause you were my friend
and i loved you

Rest In Peace ……..
your friend is a hitman ……..

Hamza Emadeen Mousa

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November 1, 2006 at 12:53 pm 4 comments

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