Imeem – Flock – youtube …..together?!!

July 6, 2006 at 10:30 pm Leave a comment

using Imeem the site or the IM .. so much fun…… alot of fun , and beauty of interface there ……the site is so simple to use …….. but the with some Hidden tips.
like reading about adding Feed – RSS- link in your blog… cool .. but when i made my blog it`s seems that link not exist..
but it`s already theme at Imeem when i use IM and choose to creat meem the you can add your RSS
i did fast search about Designer Thoughts but dosn`t seem in the search results ….!!

another thing hope to see there soon Rich Text Editor when adding new post ..

sending files .. i can`t see how to send file to any of my contact …

but after all it`s great idea ….. but about Flock adding imeem as service there ……
then adding too.. !!?
 well that`s just thought.. i love them all……….

P.S adding this post in

  • social Bookmarking … coz i`ll rename this category to social
  • Web as Desktop ……. coz it`s could be Desktop like web
  • ………….coz it`s just thought about you tube

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