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Got this great post in Blog of Booth by Jason BoothDesign Thoughts: Designer Feedback Loops

some of thoughts there:-
Creativity is the ability to make new connections between two potentially unrelated elements; a metaphor. The creativity in games is often drawing the puzzle out of a theme; or wrapping a theme around a puzzle. Early arcade games have little differences between them; they generally involve causing collisions or forcing avoidance. The theme is what separates one game from another.

The fact that many designers do not know how to code, and actively show no interest in learning

This type of narrow minded thinking is not only present in designers; it’s more of a rash on the whole industry

So; to be a real designer, I believe it is vital to learn about as many aspects of the process as possible; you don’t necessarily need to become a hot shot artist or coder, you just need a solid and well rounded understanding of how all the elements are created and assembled.

Via :- Blog of Booth

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